• Unforgivable
    by Keri-lee Griffiths

Welcome, welcome, to my humble home!

Pull up a seat and make yourself comfortable. I suppose introductions are in order? My name's Keri-lee Griffiths but please just call me Keri, all my friends do. Now the next order of business, you're wondering who I am aren't you? Excellent question, so glad you asked! The simplest answer is, I make things up for a living. I'm an actress, writer, and on the rare occasion I have directed a few theatrical productions.

This site is dedicated to a few of those things plus my moderate to severe obsession with history. I can't get enough of the stuff and, more importantly, I find it all to be wondrous and inspiring. My first novel, Unforgivable, was inspired by a particularly intriging historical tale. If you want to know more, please check out my blog. I hope to have it updated regularly with interesting factoids and behind the scenes details on the characters in my novel.

Thank-you so much for stopping by and saying hello.  Please click on the the cover for Unforgivable to buy your copy. 

Take care of each other,