About Me

Hey there friends! My name is Keri-lee Griffiths and I'm a recovering human being. 

I was diagnosed with a chronic, life threatening, illness at three years old. I've had three kidney transplants. I've been clinically dead multiple times. I've had more surgeries than I can count but I'm still here.

Somehow, for some reason, I'm still alive.

People have asked me about what I've been through but I've always shook my head and changed the subject. It's not something I've wanted to face or relive. Talking about it made it seem more real or maybe I was just too tired of the pain to talk about it. I've spent many years running from my life but it's time to stop and face it.

So here I go. Opening up about what it's like to live with a chronic illness and maybe a few things I've learnt along the way. Hard not to pick up a thing or two when life has knocked us to our knees. 

You can read about my life here on my blog and soon you'll be able to hear all about it on my youtube channel. 

Thanks for stopping by and please be good to yourself and each other.