• Unforgivable
    by Keri-lee Griffiths

"There's no business like show business!"

I love it! I really, really, do! The rush of adrenaline right before an audition. The thrill of getting the part and the agony of losing out. It's intense and heart breaking but it's also very addictive. Ever win, no matter how small or far between, is like a shot of electricity. That feeling? That's worth all the rejection and broken hearts.

So this is me and this is my resume and head shot. If you're in the "Biz" and like what you see please contact me or my agent.





4 Feet 10 Inches

Hair: Auburn/Red
Eyes: Hazel
Contact: Please contact my agent
Agency: Boss Management
Agent: Sarah Davies
Phone: (604) 844-7895


West HAstings St. 

Vancouver, BC\V6B 1L8



Lucy Kevin Funk
Cut Amy Douglas
Santa Paws Hero Keystone Entertainment
Santa Buddies Elf Keystone Entertainment
Smorgasboard Millie Skywater Dreams
The Heist Jarvis Actor's Working Academy
The Ketchup Bottle Sarah Creekside Drama
Promo Princess Margrete Pipeline
Rexona soc MJZ Limited
Enzyte soc Worldwide
Cheaper By The Dozen Millie Gallery 7 Theatre
Twelve Angry Jurors Juror Number Two Gallery 7 Theatre
Life Under Water Amy-Beth University of the Fraser Valley
A Midsummer's Night Dream Helena University of the Fraser Valley
Life is a Dream Rosaura University of the Fraser Valley
Christmas in the Dark Thelma Open Door Drama
One Special Night Amee Open Door Drama
The Mouse Hole Melvin Creekside Drama
The Truth Director Creekside Drama
Voice and Movement: Tina Milo, Actor's Working Academy
Improvisation: David Nickle, Actor's Working Academy
Acting for Film: Alex Bruhanski, Bruhanski Theatre
Acting for Theatre / Shakespeare: University College of the Fraser Valley
Fim and Stage Combat: Elivee, Actor's Working Academy
Tae Kwan Do (white belt)
Singing (Alto)
Stage combat