• Unforgivable
    by Keri-lee Griffiths

A quick note:

Hey all,

I will be back with a better, longer, more informative blog post soon but I need to leave a quick note for those of you that are here because of the Ad on Facebook. Thank-you so much for stopping by! I think some of you might be confused by the cover picture for my book, Unforgivable. I know the ad picture and the one you're seeing on this site are different but there's a good reason for that. Facebook wouldn't let me post the actual book cover. Apparently it's too violent an image. The one you've seen on Facebook was taken by a good friend of mine, Sarah, and it was one of the pictures in contention for the cover spot. I love the picture, seriously how talented is Sarah?! That picture was less violent so I used it for the ad. I'm so sorry for the confusion! Sadly, there was no way around it.
Still, the book is the same so please click on the link to Amazon.
Thanks again for coming by and saying hello! I hope we get to know each other a bit more.

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Why I do what I do

The day has come, my book is ready and it's out there for the world to see. My baby has been set free and it's a terrifying, yet exhilarating, prospect. "Unforgivable" has been a labor of love, sometimes love/hate, but over all it's been more then that. "Unforgivable" has been a life preserver during some really tough time. Bare with me and I'll explain.
I'm told that this is a very dramatic tale but honestly I don't mean it to be. Life has a way of changing the rules, without warning and without choice we find ourselves in a situation that is beyond our control. A few years ago I got very, very sick. Doctors told me I needed a new kidney and I needed it pretty quickly. I started dialysis, 3 and a half hours a day 3 days a week hooked up to a machine that kept me alive but made me feel like death slightly warmed up. I was put on the transplant list and my family members started the testing process. I was very lucky, I am very lucky, to have people in my life willing to under go surgery and give up a part of their body to save my life. The world is full of heroes!
The longer I waited the sicker I became. I couldn't work, I couldn't drive and I could barely get out of bed, I was stuck at home with the internet and day time tv. Now both have their place and I'm guilty of spending too much time on both but there's a limit. There's only so much you can take before you can absolutely buggy.
Thankfully my parents instilled a love of reading and I went through a library of books: Jack Higgins, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Tess Gerritsen to name a few of my favorites. Books gave me an escape, an adventure and excitement. I'm so enamored with books that, I think, the evolution from reader to writer was rather organic
.I can't tell you when or how I came by the idea for "Unforgivable" because I honestly don't remember but I do know why I started writing. When all the other distraction became a glaring reminder of how sick I was I turned to my imaginary world. This story was a place I could disappear to, have my adventure, and return to the world refreshed. When I couldn't go out and see my friends, these characters were excellent company.
"Unforgivable" was my escape and now it's yours. Wether you're sick, tired or stressed and need some place to go to recharge? My imaginary world is there for you. We all need to get away every once in awhile. It's healthy and just plain fun.Oh, in case you're wondering, I'm doing good now. My big brother, Gareth, was the brave soul generous enough to go through a big surgery for me. He saved my life, no question about it, and the best way to repay him is to live to the fullest. That's why I do what I do. That's why I write and I'm loving every second of it
Okay, enough of my sob story. I would love to hear from you so send me a message and say hi.  Remember to
take care of each other,Keri



My first blog entry. I guess you could say that I'm a blog virgin of sorts. Yes, that's right, I've never done this before but I'm very excited to give it a whirl. All I ask is that your gentle with me and I promise, maybe hope is a better word, that I'll get better.

First things first, I'm sure your wondering what I have to say that warrants your valubale time. That's a very fair question so thanks for asking. I'm going to write about what inspires me the most. People, trips and the world at large but mostly I love to write about the past.

My first novel, Unforgivable, was inspired by history. Not the boring stuff you were forced to sit through in high school. Who stayed awake through those classes? Me neither. No, the history I love is full of mystery, mayham, thrills and bloody conquests. I'm sure you've notice that human beings are a crazy species and we get into all sorts of predicaments which leads to tails of heroism, romance and intrigue.

Think of it like picking up up those celebrity rags at the check out counter or watching some housewives on the television. Somebody sleeps with someone else. Somebody stabs their best friend in the back so they can get the leading man. Scandal, gossip, and more often then not that leads to a good old fashion 'who done it'. That's history, that's exciting and I that's what I find wondrous and miraculous.

Sound good to you? Great! Whew, that wasn't so bad. My first blog post and I think I'm going to enjoy talking to you. You're a very good listener so thanks for being gentle! Until next time, my friends, take care of each other.