• Unforgivable
    by Keri-lee Griffiths

My very first novel! I'm super excited and I really can't wait for you to read it. Finally! The book is available for purchase and download. There's a link to amazon, all you have to do is click on the picture on the bottom right side of the page and your on your way. But first, here's a little bit about my baby, my first born:




  Keri-lee Griffiths


They maybe our family, our friends, and we may love them deeply but somethings are unforgivable; somethings will haunt your every step, somethings will get you killed and it’s Sarah Costello’s duty to make sure every sin is paid for in blood.

Ambassador Maxim Abimbola is considered, by many, to be a blood thirsty, power hungry, tyrant. He gets pleasure out of causing people pain, especially if that person is his wife. The world has tried to stop him; the United Nations has tried to bring him up on charges of crimes against humanity but the man is untouchable: until now. His wife, Miriam Abimbola, has asked for help and the people that come to her rescue are a powerful organization centuries old. These assassins are called by God to bring His justice down on the most deserving and once the Hashshashin get you in their sights you’re as good as gone.

Sarah Costello is assigned the task and she never fails, ever. One bullet is all it takes, one smooth, easy, kill and the monster is dead. But maybe it was too easy? In the shadows lurks a ghost, an evil that threatens to bring an end, not only to her life, but the lives of the people she loves the most. Hunted and trapped, on the verge of losing everything, Sarah is forced to do what she’s sworn she would never do; she has to turn her back on her brothers, on the Hashshashin, if she has any hope of saving them.